• A Lifelong Learning and Growth Journey


    We've found engaging in these readings in this cycle, while writing and reflecting, can be a beautiful experience for you and those around you.



    0. Articles on jointheteam.betterworlded.org's culture page, and/or topic modules on BWE.


    1. Leadership and Self Deception

    2. Poor Economics

    3. Walk Out, Walk On

    4. The Outward Mindset

    5. More Than Good Intentions

    6. Education and the Significance of Life

    7. The Servant As Leader

    8. The Anatomy of Peace

    9. Turning to One Another


    10. Repeat with more people, or solo.





    And if you find these helpful to you or others, we'd love for you to share more below. If you do, we'll keep you posted on other books we bring into the core reading list for Better World Education.


    We also like to let the authors know that people find these resources valuable. Not who, don't worry. Just how many of us love what they're sharing with the world :).